Easy Hummus Wraps



1 servings

10 minutes

These Easy Hummus Wraps are simple, flavorful, and come together in minutes. You can try endless combinations to make these wraps fresh and exciting day after day.

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– 1 large tortilla wrap – 3 tbsp. hummus – 1 small cucumber, sliced – 8 cherry tomatoes, cut in half – ½ medium avocado, cut into slices – ½ small carrot, cut into thin sticks – 1 tsp. your favorite hot sauce or other sauce – 1 handful mixed greens

Step 1

Place the tortilla on to a clean work surface. Spread about ¼ cup of hummus down the middle of the tortilla, leaving some room around the edges for when it is rolled.

Step 2

Arrange the veggies on top, going in one direction, so you can roll the tortilla up when you’re finished.

Step 3

Drizzle the veggies with your favorite sauce (I used Sriracha).

Step 4

Add a handful of greens on top. Then fold in the two sides and roll up tightly.


Because these easy Hummus Wraps can get soggy over time, you will only be able to store them for the day.


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