Whole Roasted


Easy to make & so flavorful!


– cabbage  – Yukon Gold potatoes – plant butter or olive oil – onion  – garlic powder – paprika – red pepper flakes – salt – rosemary

In a small dish, mix the melted butter with the spices.

Carefully remove the core to expose and access the inner leaves.

Spread about three tablespoons of the spiced butter along the inside walls where the core used to be.

Cover the whole skillet with aluminum foil, and bake.

Remove the foil and flip the cabbage core-side down. Brush the cabbage with the remaining spiced butter and bake.


This Whole Roasted Cabbage is one of the most flavorful and festive vegan dishes you can make. Deliciously spiced and cooked until it's tender, you'll love how this dish turns out.

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